A power failure at Los Angeles International Airport caused disruption

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A power failure at Los Angeles International Airport caused disruption in the screening process for TSA passengers

A blackout took place at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday afternoon, briefly causing a suspension in passenger security screening. However, services were mostly back to normal within 45 minutes. The incident occurred at around 2:30 p.m., impacting most terminals and terminal area traffic lights. After about 40 minutes, the airport’s Twitter account stated that power had been restored to the majority of areas, and passenger screening was slated to start up again in approximately 15 minutes.

It is unknown how many flights were affected by the power outage. The Transportation Security Administration had to halt passenger screening due to the lack of power. Travelers were advised to give themselves extra time for their flights. The cause of the blackout is unknown at this time. Teams from the Department of Water and Power arrived at the scene to assist. The LADWP stated on Twitter that their crews were able to redirect power to LAX and restore service. The agency is currently conducting an investigation into the power outage.

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