FERNE McCann could not hold back her tears as she addressed voice note controversy

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In a heart-wrenching moment on This Morning, FERNE McCann could not hold back her tears as she publicly addressed her involvement in the scandalous voice note saga. Her voice trembling with emotion, she offered a profound and heartfelt apology to those affected by her actions. The weight of her remorse was palpable as she bravely faced the consequences of her misdeeds in front of a national audience.

Ferne has publicly apologized for the unpleasant words she used in the leaked voice notes and has reached out to those affected. She explained that the voice notes were sent around five or six years ago when she was in a vulnerable and difficult situation. Ferne stated that she has since done a lot of work on herself, including being in therapy for six years, and feels like a different person now.

Ferne revealed that she is unable to share the full truth due to the ongoing criminal investigation. However, she expressed that she hopes to be able to share her story fully and transparently in the future, as she believes it can help many women.

The voice notes that were leaked were a series of vicious rants about someone entering a beauty pageant and about Ferne’s former pal Sam Faiers, whom she called a “fat c**t.” It is believed that the first voice note was about Sophie Hall, one of the acid attack victims of Ferne’s ex-boyfriend, Arthur Collins.

Ferne stated that her show, First Time Mum, was a lifeline for her and that she is grateful to have it. The leaked voice notes were posted on an anonymous Instagram account called Lady Whistledown in November 2022.

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