Hulk Hogan spotted at karaoke event after Kurt Angle claims WWE legend ‘can’t feel lower body’ after surgery

Hulk Hogan spotted in karaoke event

Recently, Kurt Angle stated that Hulk Hogan’s health has been declining, but that did not prevent Hogan from participating in a karaoke event in Clearwater, FL on Monday night. Hogan posted a photo of himself at the event on Twitter, and also appeared in his son’s Instagram Stories, where he was seen getting on stage and performing. Although he seemed to be moving a bit slower than usual, Fox News reported that “he was still standing and dancing.”

In a recent episode of his podcast, former WWE performer Kurt Angle spoke about Hogan’s health, stating that he “had the nerves cut from his lower body” and cannot feel his lower body. Angle mentioned that Hogan uses a cane to walk and doesn’t feel any pain in his legs.

Despite these claims, video footage showed Hogan appearing to be in good shape during the karaoke event, moving around with the support of a cane but still upright on stage. Hogan reportedly had serious back surgery and was still recovering from it. However, he did not go down to the ring, according to Fox News.

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