Kdrama: “Family The Unbreakable Bond” Starts Fun Introduction

Kdrama: Family The Unbreakable Bond is all about this tight-knit fam with some seriously interesting peeps. Nothing too fancy or sappy, just a real glimpse into what it means to be a fam that sticks together through thick and thin.

The story of the opening week of “Family: The Unbreakable Bond.”

Kwon Do-hoon (played by Jang Hyuk) may seem like your average husband and father, but he’s actually a secret agent for NIS, posing as a trader. Unfortunately, his dangerous job often causes him to miss important family moments, which his wife Kang Yu-ra (played by Jang Nara) can’t stand.

“Most of the time, Kwon Do-hoon (played by Jang Hyuk) has to come up with reasons and justifications for missing out on family occasions because of his work as a black NIS agent. Sometimes, his tasks from Manager Oh can be so demanding that he can’t help but get sidetracked from his real-life duties. Unfortunately, his latest mistake was during his family’s 10th-anniversary celebration, which was supposed to be a lavish overseas vacation.”

So, Yu-ra was planning to go on her own, but things didn’t go as planned, and she had to come back to Korea due to some unexpected turbulence. Now, Do-hoon is caught up in a sticky situation because Yu-ra wants to talk to Manager Oh about overworking her hubby, who’s already struggling to balance work and family. But poor Do-hoon doesn’t have a clear answer for her. Tough times!

Do-hoon’s in hot water with his wife again because he was late to his mother’s memorial service. And to top it off, he’s got another problem with work. But Yu-ra’s got his back and schedules a meeting with the boss at their place instead of taking his call.

Yu-ra was pleasantly surprised when Manager Oh Chun-ryun (Chae Jung An), who turned out to be a charming lady boss, responded to her text message and arrived.

“It’s my fault. All of this happened because I am an incompetent boss.”

With gifts in tow, which Yu-ra graciously received as a kind gesture, Chun-ryun shared her emotions and the Kwon family was touched by her heartfelt display. Yu-ra was moved to tears as well and expressed her regret for not being able to financially support her husband. It was a touching moment of understanding and empathy between the women.

Despite her lingering frustration with her husband, Yu-ra decides to call a truce as they are currently trying to conceive a child, and the timing seems to be ideal according to the calendar. However, on the day of ovulation, the entire family ends up in the living room, causing an unexpected disruption.

Yu-ra is now in charge of the Kwon family and has to navigate Chun-ryun’s role in the family. Chun-ryun has been instrumental in arranging post-partum care for Mi-rim, Do-hoon’s sister-in-law, and has even booked a lovely vacation for Do-hoon’s father.

Despite her frustration, Yu-ra was taken aback when she found out that Chun-ryun had attended an event in honor of Yu-ra’s daughter, Min-seo, who had received a recognition award at school. Yu-ra had been so busy fulfilling a large order for her café, which she later discovered was recommended by Chun-ryun, that she was unable to attend the event herself.

As Do-hoon is completing a sniping operation at a hotel, Yu-ra enters and notices Chun-ryun heading towards the elevator. Shortly after, as Do-hoon wraps up his mission, he hears some mysterious footsteps approaching.

Family: The Unbreakable Bond Opening Week Musings

Each character in the show Family: The Unbreakable Bond has a unique story that adds to the series‘ charm. While some may find the narrative a bit jumbled, it actually adds to its appeal.

During its premiere week, the show did a great job introducing the characters and their backgrounds in a subtle way.

It’s no surprise that Do-hoon’s job will bring tension to the story as he tries to balance his dangerous work with being a good family man. His wife Yu-ra is determined to keep their family together, but this could lead to some challenges for the sassy Kwon family.

With a dozen episodes planned for this drama, the pace is sure to pick up in the upcoming episodes. But even if it doesn’t, the themes of togetherness and family against the odds are enough to keep us hooked.

Join the fun and enjoy the heartwarming moments with the Kwon family in Family: The Unbreakable Bond!

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