Seven-month-old girl missing with her father in Vineland; Amber Alert issued

Seven-month-old girl missing with her father in Vineland; Amber Alert issued

New Jersey’s VINELAND (WPVI) In South Jersey, a 7-month-old girl is the subject of an Amber Alert.

Emerie Rivera, according to the New Jersey State Police, was last seen in Vineland, Cumberland County.
She is described as a 2’1″ tall, 20-pound Black Hispanic woman with brown hair and brown eyes who is currently sporting a pink Minnie Mouse sweater and pair of jeans.

She is with her father, Ramon Rivera Jr., 22, according to the police.

A bronze Acura MDC with the New Jersey license plate H79-NSN is wanted by the authorities.

What is Amber Alert

The American mechanism for alerting the public to kidnappings of children is called an Amber Alert (America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response). In order to swiftly tell the public about child abduction and to solicit their assistance in finding the child and suspect, law enforcement organizations, broadcasters, and transportation agencies work together. An Amber Alert is intended to find a missing kid as fast as possible, reclaim them, and bring the offender to justice. The warning bears the name Amber Hagerman in memory of the 9-year-old girl who was kidnapped and killed in Arlington, Texas, in 1996. In order to assist prevent similar tragedies from happening, the Amber Alert system was established in her honor.

If you have any information, dial 911.

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