Heartbreaking Loss: Trans Flight Attendant Kayleigh Scott Takes Own Life After Emotional Social Media Post

In 2020, United Airlines made a powerful statement about diversity by featuring Kayleigh Scott, a trans flight attendant, in its advertising campaign. With her striking looks and inspiring story, Kayleigh quickly became a symbol of progress and inclusivity. Her presence in the campaign was a testament to United’s commitment to embracing diversity and creating a welcoming environment for all passengers and employees. However, the tragic news of her passing by suicide after an emotional social media post has left many heartbroken and mourning the loss of a courageous trailblazer.

Kayleigh Scott, a transgender flight attendant who gained fame after appearing in a United Airlines commercial, has died after posting an emotional note to her social media channels. According to The Independent, the 25-year-old was found dead on Monday in her Colorado home. In her Instagram and Facebook posts, she penned a heartbreaking letter to her friends and family that asked them to remember the “good memories we have shared”. She wrote:

“As I take my final breaths and exit this living earth, I would like to apologize to everyone I let down,” Scott wrote. “I am so sorry I could not be better. To those that I love, I am sorry I could not be stronger. To those that gave me their everything, I am sorry my effort was not reciprocated. Please understand that me leaving is not a reflection on you, but the result of my own inability to turn myself for the better,” the flight attendant added. 

Kayleigh Scott’s mother, Andrea Sylvestro, confirmed her daughter’s death after the emotional social media post. Ms. Sylvestro took to Facebook to express her feelings and wrote, “Kayleigh Scott…I am so unbelievably proud to have you as my daughter, proud and amazed by everything that you have done in your life, your smile was absolutely beautiful, your laughter was unbelievably contagious, your heart was bigger than any of us could have ever understood.” 

As reported by The Independent, the Denver Police Department is investigating Kayleigh Scott’s death. The authorities have stated that the cause of death will be determined by the Denver Medical Examiner’s office. In response to the tragic news, United Airlines expressed its condolences to Kayleigh’s family, friends, and colleagues, stating that they were “incredibly saddened” by her loss.

Kayleigh Scott gained recognition in 2020 when United featured her in its diversity campaign, where she spoke about the importance of being true to oneself as a transgender individual. She had also publicly discussed her struggles with depression, stating that she was “begging 2023 to be better” for her.

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