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an Upstate man recently won $75,000

by : Ajinkya Ingle

Date: 22 April 2023

Sc education lottery

1. An Upstate man won $75,000 from a scratch-off ticket purchased in Clinton, South Carolina.

2. The ticket was a $3 crossword-style scratch-off.

3. The man bought the ticket and a drink at the Speedee Mart on W. Main Street in Clinton.

4. The man expressed disbelief at his win when he spoke with South Carolina Education Lottery officials.

5. He also shared that he had already spent the winnings and laughed.

6. The odds of winning the $75,000 prize were 1 in 600,000.

7. The game played was the Crossword Tripler game, and there are no remaining top prizes of $75,000 in the game.

8. The South Carolina Education Lottery oversees the state's lottery games and payouts.