The hoax death of Lois Griffin is trending on TikTok

Lois Griffin death hoax

Pranks have long been one of the trending methods to get views on TikTok and Instagram, and the “Lois Griffin dead at 43” joke is the most recent to join the slew of other innocent ones on social media platforms.

One of the biggest online trends right now is celebrity death hoaxes. Pranks are understood to be fake and are only carried out to elicit amusing reactions, unlike death hoaxes, which frequently propagate false information.

In the most recent Family Guy-themed practical joke, users on the internet inform others that Lois Griffin has passed away while simultaneously filming their reactions.

Some others even shared memes and humorous responses to the joke. Many internet users also used Google to look up the character’s identity.

But why Lois Griffin only?

Seth MacFarlane is the maker of the animated series Family Guy, which introduced the well-known character Lois Griffin. Though Alex Borstein has been known for years as the voice of Lois, it came as a surprise when a TikTok trend stated Lois Griffin had died, bring about fans to question if Alex Borstein had also passed away.

Although Lois Griffin’s passing appeared to be a trend on social media, Alex Borstein is still alive. On December 26, 2022, Lois Griffin’s death was widely reported online. Family Guy fans created the “Lois Griffin dead at 43” fake through a prank they executed on TikTok and Twitter. It severely puzzled many viewers to think that the character was being removed from the show. The details of this trend are listed below.

TikTok users played the prank by video

The Sun claims that a practical joke caused the story of Lois Griffin’s fake death to become popular. TikTok users played the prank by video themselves while informing their friends and relatives of Lois’ non-canon death. The TikTok videos showed a range of conflicted and perplexed emotions about the character’s passing. The trend left Twitter users perplexed, and one person said, “Can you people just stop reporting that Lois Griffin is dead I’m becoming terrified,” in response.

In Family Guy’s 21st season, did Lois Griffin pass away?

In Season 21, the Lois Griffin character of the program is still alive. Previously, the show’s Season 6 narrative had her character dying. The episodes of Stewie Kills Lois and Lois Kills Stewie from the sixth season are divided into two parts. After getting cruise tickets from their anthropomorphic dog Brian, Lois invites her husband Peter on the holiday, making Stewie sad. Stewie thus seems to kill Lois while she is on the cruise. The second episode reveals that Lois survived the attack and, a year later, was able to recognize Stewie as the perpetrator. Stewie created a computer simulation to see what would occur if he killed Lois; it is later revealed that the scenario was accurate.

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